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Welcome to The Fiber Queen, Handmade in the USA.

I am a self taught fiber enthusiast who raises French and English Angora rabbits, and source other fiber from local, small farmers. I believe in buying local whenever possible and to support the small farmer and local artists.

I purchase wool that has just been sheared. I process it by washing in small batches, comb it, card it, draw it into roving, art batts, or spinning fiber, and I hand dye all of my fiber by hand in my studio at my home with professional acid and natural dyes.

I am a Kentucky Folk Fiber Artist, and my company is proud to be a 'Kentucky Proud' company. I love the entire process of making art batts, dyeing roving, carding and hand spinning art yarn, plus needle and wet felting, weaving, crocheting and knitting. 

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